Cooking Tips

Unless otherwise specified, a roasting temperature of 325-350° F is recommended. For the best results use a meat thermometer.

Rare 140° F  (60° C)
Medium 150° F  (65° C)
Well done 160°F  (70° C)
For best results it is important not to overcook lamb—fresh lamb is tender and juiciest when slightly pink in the middle.

Chops and steaks can be prepared on a BBQ, broiled or grilled. Leg of lamb and rack of lamb are best roasted. Other, more muscular cuts, such as shanks and stew meat should ideally be simmered or braised at a lower temperature for longer periods to allow them to become tender and infused with flavor.

Alberta Lamb cuts are generally larger, with a milder flavor, than imported lamb because Alberta Lamb is grain finished.

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If you have looked at some of our delicious Alberta Lamb recipes you will see just how versatile, easy and exciting Alberta Lamb can be. For your information we have added this simple diagram and chart to help you identify cuts.


lamb cut diagram
AL cut chart

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