Our brand is quality.

About Alberta Lamb

Alberta producers take pride in their ability to raise the highest quality lamb. Our clean air, sparkling water, rich and hearty feed grains and forages create a pristine and world-class environment to produce premium quality meat.

The Alberta Lamb Producers (ALP)—our industry’s association—was formed to create a collective voice for the lamb industry, promote local farmers, and to foster responsible livestock care throughout the province.

Since 1972 ALP has been supporting its’ members by providing world-class training, resources, and on-going community, connection and communication. They have championed sustainable, production practices and a passion to raise the highest quality meat naturally. Together with our members, our supply chain partners, and you the consumer; Alberta has created one of the strongest lamb industries in Canada, and indeed, is seen as a leader in best-practices around the world.

ALP is also committed to providing consumers with education and encouragement to embrace an often under-appreciated treasure—our local producers and their appetizing offerings!

The best chefs and retailers recognize Alberta Lamb for its large cuts, tenderness and delicious and versatile flavor. We invite you to support your local farmers and impress your family and friends by cooking a delicious meal featuring lamb tonight.

Alberta Lamb
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